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We all need to admit these breakfast foods are actually dessert

We’re only fooling ourselves here, people.

ONCE UPON A time, breakfast in Ireland was a simple matter.  During the week you had some toast or some porridge (maybe some cereal if you were fancy) and at the weekend you had a fry (if you were lucky).

These days we’re a lot more international, and slowly but surely certain foods from other countries have crept onto our breakfast menus.

Why?  Well that’s plain to see – these foreign items are absolutely delicious!  But lets be honest, most of them are not actually breakfast food.

Frankly, we’re kidding ourselves.  Clearly the following ‘breakfast items’ are in fact dessert.


Donuts: quite possibly the perfect hacking food Source: uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs

Yes, they are delicious.  Yes, they are delicious in the morning.  But let’s be honest, these lads are more cake than scone.

They have icing on them for feck’s sake!

Lion bar cereal

nestle-lion-cereal-caramel-and-chocolate-350g (2)-500x500 Source: Chocolate-Breands

You can be pretty sure this bad boy was inspired by sweet cereals like this one (a bowl of cookies and milk for breakfast? Who are they kidding?).

While there is no doubt that this cereal is absolutely delicious, breakfast?  Not at all.

Cinnamon rolls

5421300474_91fb1473f8_z Source: Flickr/aGape n' agaPe

Sweet sticky pastry covered in sugar and cinnamon?  COME ON.

French toast

4249371187_969db8d8d0_z Source: Flickr/Jeff Sandquist

It’s covered in sugar and syrup.  SUGAR AND SYRUP, PEOPLE.

(A piece of eggy bread with your fry is, of course, a different story.)


Pancakes Source: WordRidden

See french toast.


nutella for breakfast Source: ninacoco

Those crazy europeans. Chocolate spread for breakfast? Ridiculous.

Pain au chocolat

Sunday: Bake Your Own pain au chocolat Source: ohsarahrose

Layers and layers of butter, encased in pastry, with chocolate in the middle.

Ah here.

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