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8 signs you're outright obsessed with cereal

You cannot be…

SO YOU’RE OBSESSED with cereal. Join the club.

1. You could eat cereal for every meal, and sometimes do

It’s easy. Shredded Wheat for breakfast, Coco Pops for dessert.

sQOmvyU Source: Imgur

2. Spoons and bowls are the most important cutlery in your home

But you’re not opposed to eating it straight out of the box either. Or to get more inventive…

#cereal #inacup #at8 #becauseican Source: joshyboy39

3. Favourite cereal? Them all

Discriminate against cereal? No way.

cereal-aisle Source: Wordpress

4. Having no milk is absolute devastation

I would do that for a good friend ________________________________________ Source: faze_donuts

5. You’ve been known to experiment with cereal combinations

Cocopops and Rice Krispies, Suagr Puffs and Cheerios… porridge, custard and banana? YES.

Had fun with this one indulging a childish craving for bananas and custard. A lovely bowl @mornflake banana oats, peanut butter protein topped with fresh creamy custard, toffee @nutsnmore and a cheeky custard cream to complete the theme. Sweet and delicious and help me sleep nicely Source: clbov

6. It’s pretty much all you eat the week before pay day

For many reasons.

Rest day at it's best! (especially when I got maybe 5 hours of sleep) #kashihearttoheart #cereal #allthecoffee #monday Source: mrs._moderation

7. The box is all you read

Newspaper? Phone? Nah.

funny-graphs-reading-morning Source: Wordpress

8. You feel a bit sad every time you get down to the powder

Another one down :( But you know what to do…


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