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11 Christmas chocolates that need to get in the bin immediately

Get in the bin, you sick and twisted sweets.

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WE NEED TO stop putting these sweets in the tin, and let us get on with life.

1. The Orange Creme Rose

Well, you can’t deny they’ve got a cheek. To put an orange creme inside a perfect good bit of Cadbury’s chocolate is not only an offense, it’s insulting.

imag0411-e1348845613271 Source: sunandcake

We’d take a strawberry one over these ANY DAY.

2. The Coconut Eclair Quality Street

An appalling waste of space, yet a good way of finding and removing the weirdos in your life.

CWSJUmhW4AAHzxY Source: syrup1965

The only people who eat these are probably sociopaths, and or people who thought they were something else.

3. The Dairy Milk Heroes

When you think about all the possibilities of delicious chocolates Cadbury’s could have included in a box of Heroes, why is the Dairy Milk even there? The Dairy Milk square is the dullest option known to man, let’s be real.

CVSPC9hW4AEJPLH Source: KaneAndEriksen

4. The Bounty Celebration

We’ve already been through this, don’t question us.

IMG_20140720_132811 Source: juliesdiningclub

5. The Toffee Finger Quality Street

So bland, so uninspiring. Like something you’d find down the bottom of your grandmother’s handbag.

rexfeatures-1717928g Source: Ipcdigital

6. Roses’ Coffee Escape

Literally not one single person in the history of humanity has ever gone for the coffee escape first. Why are you even here? We didn’t invite you.

screencap34-29-630x312 Source: DailyEdge.ie

7. Roses’ Brazilian Darkness

We’re with you until the dark chocolate. Unforgivable.

download Source: DailyEdge.ie


8. Eclairs in Heroes

They’re GRAND like, but they’re far too dull to make a good chocolate-eating experience. They get stuck in your teeth and we just wanna forget they ever existed.

eclairs Source: monicahubrich

9. Mars in Celebrations

Don’t get us wrong, Mars isn’t a bad chocolate, it’s just that there are FAR too many of them in a standard box of celebrations. Why would you have a Mars when you could have a Malteaser Teaser, or a little Twix or Galaxy Caramel? Even the Snickers is a better shout.

10. Orange Crunch, Quality Street

Absolutely manky. At least the orange creme Rose is a bit more pleasant than this bland atrocity.



11. Milk Choc Block, Quality Street

This is like the Dairy Milk in Heroes, only it’s not even Cadbury’s chocolate. Insult to injury.


Hate someone? Make them up a tin of sweets including a mix of the above.

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