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This genius invention will stop your other half hogging the blanket, FINALLY

*Handel’s Hallelujah chorus begins to play*

IN EVERY COUPLE, there is a blanket hogger. If you’re the one left cold and shivering nightly, there is now a way for you to put them back in their place, forever.


Before you ask, this is not a medieval torture device – it’s the Cover Clamp, a gadget designed to keep your half of the blanket on your half of the bed.

Claiming to be made using the strongest spring on the market, the clamp grips on to the mattress and holds the duvet down on your side, preventing your partner from grabbing it.

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Cover Clamp holds the covers in place at night even if your partner is pulling with over 30 pounds of force. It also prevents slack from occurring when you toss and turn. All of this means that you will have a great, warm night’s sleep.

The invention came to the public’s attention after being shared on the hugely popular Fatherly Facebook page, where a video of it at work has been viewed 21 million times:

So many people spending so many chilly nights.

The clamp costs $24.99 (€22) and if you’re not 100% impressed, you can avail of a money back guarantee. Hey, at this stage, we’ll try anything…

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