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12 crimes against the pint that should be punishable by law

Would you put a Flake in that there for me now?

IN AN IDEAL world, there would be no such thing as a bad pint of beer. But we live in a cold, cruel world, where things like this are allowed to happen on a daily basis.

1. This ‘Guinness’

2. And this one

3. Whatever this is

We wanted a quiet night at the pub, not an entire foam party. Jeez.

4. Sure this just needs to settle…right? RIGHT?

5. This abomination

6. This flat-as-a-pancake monstrosity

7. SOB

8. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t do one justice


9. Ah Jesus

*crosses self three times*

10. Ah god

11. This pint of Guinness in a Bulmers glass

It just feels wrong. So wrong.

12. And this absolute state of a pour

It’s like a glass of milk.

Jd5T3dV Source: Imgur

It’d break your heart, so it would.

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