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your dinner's ready

Here’s what dinner looks like in space

It’s not exactly food porn.

NASA HAS BEEN doing some research on the food it provides space flight crews with recently.  The food has to fulfill a lot of requirements after all.  It has to be nutritious and long lasting, while also being easily transported and pleasant.

(It has to be pleasant for the astronauts’ psychological well-being you see, which is a great justification next time you want to eat something comforting which you know is bad for you. Just say that it’s good for your psychological well-being and that NASA told you that was important).

You can read about the work they’ve been doing here, but what’s most interesting is that they’ve released some photographs of what people have been eating in space over the last fifty years.

Check out what food looked like for astronauts when space travel originated.

And here’s what it looks like now!

Images via NASA

Clearly things have improved, but we still reckon Commander Hadfield will be gagging for a nice steak when he gets home.

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