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It's official: Women have worse hangovers than men


hangover Source: Twitter/@craptaxidermy

THE LUCKY PEOPLE AMONG us may have shaken off their New Year’s Eve hangovers by now, but if you’re still suffering – now you know why.

New research by Domino’s Pizza has shed some light on who gets the worst hangovers, and for how long.

It’s bad luck for the gals, because women are hit the hardest by hangovers, with those aged 35-44 suffering the most.


And it’s even worse news if you’re a woman living in Dublin - people from our fair capital get the worst deal, hangover-wise.

The average length of a hangover in Ireland, meanwhile, is one hour and six minutes. We have to call that into question, however, because we know from experience (ahem) that they regularly overstay their welcome.


If you’re still battling through it, stay strong. You’ve two more days to set yourself right. We believe in you. <3

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