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14 times shops desperately tried to get down with the kids


1. “Throw a load of cool words on there, be grand”

2. “It’s not cool if it doesn’t mention WIFI”

wifi Source: Twitter

3. Or YOLO

4. M&S’s choice of mannequin buzzwords has been a particular low point in this phenomenon throughout 2016

5. Each example perfectly sums up the “How do you do fellow kids?” meme

lmfao2 Source: Imgur

6. Shops have been reaching further and further into internet-speak for inspiration

8rUmA4L Source: Imgur

7. Wall hangings aren’t immune from this practice

lmfao Source: Twitter

8. Where outfits are on fleek

QBOYavc Source: Imgur

9. And hashtags aren’t even hashtags any more

YmcgQ0s Source: Imgur

10. Fake text conversations have tried valiantly to capture it

whatup Source: Imgur

11. This birthday card would make you a hit at your local box social event

3Ge3zcQ Source: Imgur

12. It’s a health and safety issue

7eNppGZ Source: Imgur

13. “If you just merge two popular things it will be doubly cool”

evSvNc3 Source: Imgur

14. And don’t forget to Netflix and Chill (even when it’s entirely inappropriate)


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