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# caught in the act
Drunk couple caught having sex in public, carry on regardless
They started something they couldn’t finish. But they gave it a good college try.

TALK ABOUT GETTING caught rotten.

A drunk couple in Bengbu, China were found having sex in a car park – but carried on with the deed.

A car park attendant repeatedly told them to stop what they were at, but they weren’t particularly bothered. In fact, the man just told him he was “nearly finished” and kept on going.

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The whole thing was caught on camera by a nearby man, who said he thought they were “asleep, or [he] was just lying on top of her”.

From the Mail Online:

But then I saw the tell-tale signs. His trousers being down also gave it away. But when the guard came over, rather than cover up, he just started to speed up.

The attendant decided not to report them, as they were both “very drunk”. Very kind of him. Too kind, some might say.

What are these mystery signs in Dublin city centre all about, then?>

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