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People are already tweeting 'f**k me daddy' at Edward Snowden

Gas tickets. All of yiz.

LAST NIGHT, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden joined Twitter.

Here was his first tweet.

In the 15 hours since he joined Twitter, Snowden has amassed a very impressive 858,000 followers and counting.

But with many followers comes a whole lot of messing and people did not hold back.

Comedian Patton Oswalt asked the whistleblower to settle this important bet.

He was asked to blow the whistle on secret menu items.

Others warned Edward that he might soon find himself dancing to Blank Space at a concert with Taylor Swift.

Some suggested that this surely paved the way for Tupac to come back.

While others suspected that he’s been on Twitter this entire time. 

And others? Others blocked him.

The real sign that Edward Snowden might be a Twitter heavyweight, however? People are calling him “dad”.

A few weeks ago, we told you about how teens were tweeting “f**k me daddy” at the Pope. And it appears that Snowden is not exempt from “daddy” tweets either.


And, yes, he has attracted his own fair share of “f**k me daddy” tweets.

“Slay me, king of leaks.”

But the best tweet?

That would be “hack me daddy”.

Good luck on Twitter, Ed.

Or sorry, Dad.

This Facebook joker was crushed by a supermarket in an excellent Eminem battle > 

Can everyone please stop sharing that Facebook copyright hoax? 

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