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17 times scenes from Father Ted played out in real life

Life imitating art.

1. When there was an unfortunate pixel fault on the TV featuring Nigel Farage

farage2 Source: Matt Fasken/Facebook

2. When this massage parlour was spotted in Thailand

sickitup2 Source: Vincent Byrne

Named by this lad:

furiousman3 Source: Channel 4

3. When this guy drove for miles with someone on the bonnet

furiousman Source: NBC

No word yet on whether his towel slipped off:

furiousman2 Source: Channel 4

4. That time the crime of the century gripped a parish

This man was devastated:


5. When these Euro 2016 fans perfectly recreated the Matador flag

furiousman4 Source: @MildThing84 Twitter

6. And Bishop Brennan was actually kicked up the arse

1003749_630201756990508_1730790127_n Source: Noel Barrett

7. We thought the singing priest was somewhat familiar

8. And it looks like Pat Mustard has been an inspiration in other fictional towns as well

postman Source: @AnDuinnineach Twitter

postman2 Source: @AnDuinnineach Twitter

postman4 Source: AnDuinnineach Twitter

9. When Trump met Kanye

Tweet by @Maykla Clarke Source: Maykla Clarke/Twitter

10. This story was straight out of a Ted script

furiousman5 Source: DailyMail

A reconstruction of the scene:

677 Source: Markhumphrys

11. McGregor kept the tag on the jacket

furiousman6 Source: @NaathanByrne Twitter

Inspired by Giant Reed:

furiousman7 Source: NaathanByrne Twitter

12. It’s unconfirmed whether they had the signs

ano Source: DailyEdge.ie

These signs:

father-ted-careful-now Source: Fergalsmith

13. The Spinmaster lives on

14. Blessing a new deli counter is just too much

dunnes Source: Imgur

15. “Wear a funny hat, it’ll be grand!”

It doesn’t always work out:

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

16. Attractions have never been so good

Except for:

tumblr_m4pfb8NDA41rwccs6o1_1280 Source: Tumblr

17. And finally… that time Eastenders looked a little familiar

The lads:

VlAwTmtMLVFmdkUx_o_father-ted---the-beast Source: Popscreen

Life imitating art.

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