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Relax everyone, scientists have proved the 'five second rule' is real

Floor-food for everyone!

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EVER HAVE PEOPLE sneer at you when you eat food you dropped on the floor moments earlier?

Well now you can shout ‘FIVE SECOND RULE’ loudly and proudly while eating your grubby piece of floor-pasta.

According to Business Standard, scientists at Aston University in the UK successfully proved the ‘five second rule’, previously believed to be a myth.

They found that – surprise, surprise – time is the most significant factor in the transfer of germs.

So you shouldn’t feel so ashamed about fetching that crisp from the floor and eating it up. It’s pretty much germ-free. Just make sure you do it quickly.

The study monitored the transfer of bacteria from a variety of floorings to toast, pasta and a sticky sweet, examining the transfer of bacteria in different time frames.

After five seconds, the risk of infection jumped up.

Professor Anthony Hilton, a professor of microbiology at the university, says eating food dropped on the floor still carries an ‘infection risk’ but not as much as we might think.

We have found evidence that transfer from indoor flooring surfaces is incredibly poor, with carpet actually posing the lowest risk.

How about that! But this news still won’t make us want to eat toast that falls jam-side down on the carpet. That’s still disgusting.

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