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Can You Guess Which Food Has The Most Calories?

There may be some surprises in here.

Source: Michael Stern

CALORIES, AS WE all know, have only a very tangential relationship to the healthiness of our meals.

But still, some people think about them a lot. Test your knowledge!

1. Which has the most calories?
Big Mac meal with fries and Coke
Large cinema popcorn
2. How about these?
Bag of Tayto
Starbucks grande latté
Can of Coke
4. Pizza vs pasta. Well?
Spaghetti bolognese
Frozen pizza
5. Huh?
Large apple
Purple Snack
6. Yeesh.
Nandos meal (half chicken, rice, garlic bread)
Bowl of stew
Cheese toastie
Koka noodles
8. Banana or yoghurt?
Low fat yoghurt
9. And finally...
KFC chicken fillet burger
Small serving of cheese and crackers
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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That's a pretty good score.
Impressive. Now, go eat a burger to celebrate.
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You're almost TOO good at this. What can we say? Do you carry a portable lab testing kit around with you or something?
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Eh, not so good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You don't know that much about calories. But hey, it was a tricky quiz. (Plus does it really matter?)
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Figures: Avocado 230cal, cheese and onion Tayto 197cal; Big Mac meal with regular fries and Coke 1168cal, large Cineworld popcorn 1213cal; homemade spaghetti bolognese circa 600cal, frozen supermarket pizza circa 1000cal; grande Starbucks latté 220cal, can of Coke 139cal; Nandos meal 1330cal, bowl of stew circa 500cal; Koka noodles 387cal, cheese toastie 300cal; large apple 126cal, purple Snack 120cal; banana 105cal, small tub low fat yoghurt 118cal; 75g cheese and one serving crackers 465cal, KFC chicken fillet burger 445cal.

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