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Everyone is giving out yards about this picture of a "full Irish" that went viral overnight

Not good enough to represent us on the world stage.

NESTLED ON THE front page of Reddit overnight was a simple image known to everyone in Ireland as a bog standard weekend fry.

Its title was ‘A Full Irish Breakfast’ and it had been upvoted all the way to front page internet fame status

JG0hFh1 Source: Imgur

The (presumably Irish) commenters of the /r/food subreddit were merciless in their assessment of this particular breakfast, though. Basically, it wasn’t worthy of the name:

Tourist fry.

And some got angry that this represented our cherished breakfast on the world stage:

F**king frozen factory hash browns and baked beans in a little pot? Was this served at a supermarket cafe or a motorway services?

This was clearly a matter of pride:

No potato bread, no soda and a hash brown??? That’s not an Irish breakfast.

People started analysing the fry up close, and the criticism got worse

fryitself Source: Imgur

The full Irish detectives were trying to place its origins:

If I’m not mistaken it’s the breakfast they serve at Dublin Airport, and if it isn’t, it looks a lot like it.

And obsessing with the small portion of beans:

Pathetic amount of beans.
That’s like… 7 beans. I will need at least 13,000.
That’s the smallest portion of baked beans I’ve ever seen. They are taking the piss giving you that.

The whole thing was a catastrophe – proving once again the passions that run high over serious breakfast matters:

That’s a depressing full Irish right there.


The lesson here is that no full Irish is good enough to represent us on the world stage – there’s always going to be something wrong with it.

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