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These are the funniest (and worst) engagement photos you'll ever see

Why did they do that? WHY?

GETTING ENGAGED IS a monumental event in anyone’s life.

It’s an exciting, nerve-wracking, happy, and surreal thing – you’ve decided to get MARRIED for God’s sake. How do you mark such a pivotal stage in life?

Why, with a bizarre and ugly photograph of course.

And the blog Bad Engagement Photos is here to help, dedicated to “poking fun at the big, bad wedding machine”. (Don’t worry – many of the pictures are self-submitted and it’s all meant in good fun.)


Are they… Mexican luchador masks? WHY?


Ah yes. Nothing says “everlasting love” like a gag trompe l’oeil photograph.


Keep looking… Keep looking… See it? Yep. Ass crack.


Someone watched Spiderman recently, eh?

Source: Evrim Icoz


Hit like if you agree! I mean, sorry, will you marry me darling?


Ah. Artsy.


Think about what these chalk boards are saying about both of you.


No one likes feet! Not even at this happy time in your wonderful lives! NO FEET!


Hmm. Okay.

Psst. Do you have a funny engagement photo of yourself that you’d like to show us? Go on, a problem shared is a problem halved – send to fiona@dailyedge.ie.

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