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Tonight's GBBO was officially the filthiest, most innuendo-laden episode yet

Sexual references pre-watershed! The BBC has gone STONE MAD.

bakeoff Source: Mark Bourdillon/BBC

THE GREAT BRITISH Bake Off is renowned for its liberal use of cake-themed innuendo, but tonight, it was filthier than ever.

If you happened to be playing a drinking game based on the ‘covert’ sexual references in Bake Off, you were probably pissed by the end of the first half. It was relentless.

Here are the cheekiest bits:

When Mel asked Rav if he wanted a ‘pair of warm hands on him’

rav Source: Twitter/@BritishBakeOff

This was all because his “piping bag” was “stiff”. But it didn’t end there.

When Candice asked Mel to ‘grab her jugs’

CrNsmifXYAA5lEl Source: Twitter/@BritishBakeOff

Candice made a gingerbread version of her parents’ pub for her winning Showstopper bake, and included two beer steins as decoration.

Like a true GBBO contestant, she didn’t allow the chance for a cheeky comment to pass her by:

CrNopS2WAAAlF1I Source: Twitter/@GavinWorby

Please note Andrew’s facial expression upon hearing this utterance.

CrNpz_tXEAA0Oh0 Source: Twitter/@lorevalx

BARELY holding in the giggles.

When Paul told Val that her ‘sister tastes lovely’

Val’s ambitious gingerbread family didn’t go too well, but at least she had this:


When the judges discussed Val’s problems with ‘finishing’

Her bakes, that is.

We’ve had some problems finishing in the past, haven’t we?

Alright lads, this isn’t couples’ therapy.

Finally, and most shockingly, Mary Berry’s ‘carpet’ gag

Candice’s gingerbread pub included a carpet made out of ginger cake, which of course lead to this:


Mel: Who wants to eat a bit of carpet?
Mary: I’ll eat a bit of carpet.

It turns out ‘soggy bottoms’ is exactly the limit of the innuendo everyone was comfortable with their TV Granny getting into. No one could believe what they were hearing:

They know exactly what they’re doing. And they won’t stop until they’ve scandalised the whole of the UK and Ireland, the fiends.

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