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This teenager's lovely grandparents wear matching outfits every day

The cutest.

IF THIS DOESN’T brighten up your morning, you’ve a heart of stone.

CrETqESWIAAuJm7 Source: Twitter/@AnthonyGargiula

Seventeen-year-old Anthony Gargiula’s grandparents, Fran and Ed, have been married for 52 years – and matching outfits are their ‘thing’.

Every day, they coordinate their clothes down to the last detail:

CrETqDyXgAAM8BJ Source: Twitter/@AnthonyGargiula

CrETqDsXgAENUyO Note the embroidery on the shirts. Source: Twitter/@AnthonyGargiula

Anthony posted some pictures of his grandparents’ outfits on Twitter, and they went hugely viral – as of this morning, the tweet has been shared over 37,000 times:

grandparents Source: Twitter/@AnthonyGargiula

Speaking to CNN, Anthony explained that the pair haven’t been matching every day of their 52-year marriage – they took up square dancing a few years ago, and decided to coordinate their clothes whenever they danced.

The matching outfits have become their signature, and their friends look forward to seeing what they’re going to wear.

CrETqDzXEAAca03 Source: Twitter/@AnthonyGargiula

They even give Anthony a preview every morning:

I wake up to text messages saying, “Good morning! We hope you have a good day!” along with the ‘outfit of the day’.

As for how Fran and Ed have reacted to going viral – well, they’re delighted. Anthony Skyped them to tell them about the tweet, after which they sent their morning photo:

The text read, “Good morning from your famous grandparents.”


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