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The Great British Bake Off just hit peak innuendo

“How do you decorate your ginger box?”


THE GREAT BRITISH Bake Off continued into its second episode tonight, and it was a mix of drama, stress and even more innuendo than normal.

It was “biscuit week”, which explains the oversized Hula Hopp above. And people really got into it.

Biscotti was first up, which everyone pointed out is just a fancy biscuit

People were already missing last week’s figure of fun Stu

CLqvy4BWcAAkOLS Source: BBC

RIP that hat.

The biscotti turned out grand for some

The main task of the evening was the creation of biscuit boxes – which provided the main double entendre of the evening

boxes232 Source: Twitter

Which was picked up on straight away

And started escalating quickly

The fact that each contestant had to make their own box meant it was said about 20 times a minute

You couldn’t help but think they knew what they were doing

Coupled with Mary Berry’s voice, it was a recipe for awkward TV

Which is why we watch, really.

It kept going. You got the feeling it would never end

But no

 The reaction from everyone was natural

In the end, after all that, it was Marie who was eliminated from the competition. She of professional baker controversy.


But nobody really cared, we were all too tired

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