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13 things you'll know if you grew up as an only child

“You’re an only child? That explains a lot.” OH DOES IT?

1. Your imagination was the best (and only) company

tumblr_nhhe9qToFF1tc92fgo1_500 Source: Tumblr

You weren’t alone! You had Mr Bear! And the dog! And Melinda, the girl who lives at the bottom of the garden!

2. And you felt personally victimised by games requiring two or more players

dogfriend Source: Twitter/@ItsAnimals


3. There was no one to blame for any mischief you got up to in the house

gif-what-fault-do-you-find-with-me-jane-eyre Source: Readeroffictions

You chanced blaming the imaginary friend one time but… no dice.

4. And sometimes you felt like a bit of a third wheel with your parents

Harry-Potter-Third-Wheel Source: Rebelcircus

Here are your parents, out for a lovely meal in a nice restaurant… and you.

5. You truly treasured your cousins

grouphug Source: wikia

Built-in friends :’)

6. Sure, it took you a while to understand the concept of sharing…

joey Source: stillcracking.com

You got there eventually, you just needed more help than most.

7. …But not all only children are Veruca Salts

anigif_bd02823b638788a2865f790fcffcfecc-26 Source: Buzzfeed

Give our parents some credit.

8. Sometimes, you wished for siblings

tumblr_mhznz7oJTO1rbqvyyo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Being the only kid at family functions was DULL AS HELL.

9. But you enjoyed being your parents’ favourite anyway

lorelai-rory-mother-daughter-gilmore-girls-6515 Source: Celebuzz

They had no choice, but sshhh. Let’s pretend otherwise.

10. You were never 100% sure how to react when your friends fought with their siblings

Is it a joke, or real? Do I wade in or let them at it?

11. That knowing look people give you when they find out you’re an only child

giphy Source: Giphy

“Oh, that explains a lot.” DOES IT, YEAH?!

12. And people telling you you’re “so lucky!”

c3edca4c6f9ad9e52072a59fb02fb722 Source: Pinterest

How though. Please explain.

13. But you know you’re not spoilt*

IM-SO-POPULAR Source: Gurl

*Well, maybe a little bit. But aren’t we all?

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