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14 things you'll know if you grew up with an unusual name

No souvenir keychains for you :(

1. Substitute teachers never had a HOPE of pronouncing it

Looking at the roll like:

subteach Source: Twitter/hines_maitlyn

All the other kids in the class probably appreciated the momentary diversion as you tried to correct them, though.

2. And you developed a tried and tested way of sounding it out phonetically

Sibéal. SHIB-ALE.

3. People instantly make assumptions about your parents’ personalities

tumblr_mdgriygfpp1rdutw3o1_r2_500 Source: Tumblr

“Your name is Melody? Oh so your parents must be musicians!”

4. When giving your name, you automatically spell it out

790b728485734b1d5519af2f560b61d8 Source: Pinterest

And you use the NATO alphabet over the phone (or your own version of it).

5. You’ve never found your name on a Coke bottle


6. Or any sort of souvenir item

CcUoKvuUAAAHQpE Source: Twitter/@ralphieemerson1

*sobs even harder*

7. People somehow get your email address right, then misspell your name in the greeting


“Hi Valarie.”

8. And let’s not even get started about companies

It’s your JOB. C’mon.

9. You introduce yourself to someone, but two seconds later they’re already pronouncing your name wrong

Staring at them like, “Really? Really?”

4a7fb06debc92d0e3b53b6141ed81d21 Source: Pinterest

10. And you can predict to the letter that one joke everyone makes when they hear it

ojIsLUA Source: Imgur

“I bet you hear that all the time.” So WHY. WHY are you making me hear it again?

11. It’s even worse if you’ve a normal name with an unusual spelling

Those are truly the moments where you’re like, “What is wrong with my parents?”

12. You’re honestly surprised when people get the pronunciation right on the first try

Sheppard-Impressed-Gif Source: Thenewswheel

Well look at you!

13. Though it’s very amusing to see the different ways people make a hames of it

pronouncedneeve Source: Niamh Fleming

14. And you’ll always find solidarity amongst other uniquely-named folks

tumblr_inline_mjcm0ktYEb1qz4rgp Source: Tumblr

Friends forever :’)

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