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wow you're blind

12 things anyone who grew up with glasses knows to be true

“How many fingers am I holding up?” “This again? Really?”

1. As a child, needing glasses was a fate worse than death

When u want to lay down but u have glasses #growingupwithglasses indie_hull indie_hull

“B-but… NERDS wear glasses!” Yeah well, guess what? You’re a nerd now.

2. You bullsh*tted your way through the “One or two?” test

CCMDonation11 Wikimedia Wikimedia

“So which lens is better: One… or two?”
“Ehhh…” SWEATIN.

3. And you weren’t much good at the air puff test, either

wind-gif-tgif-windy-funny-t-g-i-f Wordpress Wordpress

You still aren’t, and that’s because it’s bloody torture.

4. But not to worry, your classmates would organise little sight tests for you too

CKZSJifWwAAT7_D Twitter / @awkwardmoment Twitter / @awkwardmoment / @awkwardmoment

Thanks guys!

5. When they weren’t stealing your glasses right off your face, that is

giphy Giphy Giphy

“WOW YOU ARE BLIND.” That’s sort of rude to blind people. I am merely a bit short-sighted, but okay…

6. Your first pair probably looked like this

kids-metal-frame-qvp114 yourgreatglasses yourgreatglasses


7. And they opened up a whole new world to you

giphy Giphy Giphy

Look at all this detail! All this colour! So crisp, so clear.

8. Yet still, you forgot them ALL THE TIME

Squinting at the blackboard like:

thoughtful-oprah Reactiongifs Reactiongifs

9. Or sat on them

Cjpw_C1W0AE3QFG Twitter / @Queen_Malek Twitter / @Queen_Malek / @Queen_Malek

Sure, you got a case with them… But god knows where that went.

10. You imagined that if you took them off everyone would realise you were actually gorgeous

tumblr_meix04XYcN1rlvb2oo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Like in She’s All That!

11. But you just had to deal with them until your parents let you get contacts

12. You see people wearing glasses for fashion now and think “PFFT. Interlopers”


You did the time with glasses. You deserve the fashion cred.

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