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Should high heels be banned? A case for and against

Pretty or perilous? You decide.

YESTERDAY IN THE High Court, a woman settled a case with Dublin City Council after falling and breaking her ankle on what she claimed was a piece of broken pavement.

Lady Gaga Press Conference - Singapore Lady Gaga, wearing some impossibly high heels Source: Wong Maye-E

According to the Irish Independent, the judge presiding over the case said that he would be “serving womankind” if he made high heels illegal.

But hold up a second – let’s not go banning high heels without giving them a fair hearing. Here’s a quick weigh up of the pros and cons.


They look good 

Source: sophiawebster

Some shoes are just prettier than other shoes. Sorry, Crocs.

They make you feel fantastic

beyoncepowerwalk Source: Eonline

In the right pair of heels, everyone can strut like Beyoncé. It’s an innate talent that comes out when you slip on a strappy sandal.

And mastering them is a very underrated skill

Just look at these French lads, doing seriously intense choreography in four-inch heels like it ain’t no thing.



They hurt

emmathompson Source: HexJam

The numb toes. The blisters. The balls of your feet burning like the fires of hell.

They can make you look ridiculous

1432114789-tumblr_mvndx0czxx1s82pzao1_400 Source: Cosmopolitan

Wear the wrong pair of heels, and everyone knows about it.

The ever-present danger

Uneven paving? Cobblestones? Might as well just scooch across on your bum.

Source: K945/YouTube

Now you’ve heard the arguments for and against high heels, we’re putting it to you: Should high heels be banned?

Poll Results:

Get rid of the stilts. (464)

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