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17 Tinder bios that will make you want to stay single forever
It’s a jungle out there.

BE CAREFUL ON Tinder folks, it’s a jungle out there. Just take a look at these special snowflakes…

1. Nathan, your family have a point

gbu5YNM Imgur Imgur

2. Jake and his dream, quite scary, date

CA15dgUUUAAkk2D gabriellem1995 gabriellem1995

3. Alison, and her questionable Nintendo analogy

8T9bpoO Imgur Imgur

4. * Applause*

O8ev5He Imgur Imgur

5. So relevant Layla

E2LGCrh Imgur Imgur

6. Try again, Ling

6833d9001d065ffeb9955cbe3647aad0 Pinimg Pinimg

7. Melissa sounds too good to be true

Hot-crazy-tinder-bio Tinderlolz Tinderlolz

8. Don’t let the Guinness fool you

uTfRQ6q Imgur Imgur

9. No comment


10. Miles knows what’s up

p9H9TGi Imgur Imgur

11. Mohannad is sending us mixed messages

7Av12Sz Imgur Imgur

12. Simple maths can win you over, it seems

X7hDeUH Imgur Imgur

13. You’ll cook who, Ryan?

jlrixjQ Imgur Imgur

14. A work in progress, indeed

MTI4OTkzMjg3MTAwNTQ5MTMw Blazepress Blazepress

15. There are OTHER reasons to get into a relationship?


16. This charmer

tpqfg8x Imgur Imgur

17. And finally, we’ll leave the last word to Petar

5XTEWaj Imgur Imgur

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