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9 signs you did Home Economics at school

Of COURSE I know how to do a running stitch.

1. You can talk about the difference between the “creaming method” and the “rubbing in method” until the cows come home

Some things never leave you…

Source: Buzzfed

2. This book is hanging around your house somewhere

Source: DeirdreMadden.ie

3. You have at least one badly made folder cover/wall hanging/pillow case lurking in a press somewhere

And you have recurring nightmares about the sewing machine eating the thread…

Source: Justsew

4. You know the terror of trying to transport two eggs and EXACTLY 200g of butter into school on the bus

Source: Tumblr

5. You know the terror of trying to transport an apple tart home from school on the bus

Source: Can'tBeMe.com

6. You are still terrified of making pastry

Everything must be cold.

Everything must be clean.

If you look at it wrong it will fail.

If you breathe on it wrong IT WILL FAIL.

Source: Wordpress

7. You are tasked with laying the table every Christmas

You wish it could look like this:

Source: Homes-house

In reality it looks like this:

Source: Christmasstockimages

8. “You wear a Bathing Costume in the WATER” means something to you

B and C are the water soluble vitamins, you see?

You also have a vague idea how to avoid getting scurvy

Source: Scientificpsychic

9. You know a bit more than this about washing machines

Not much, but a bit…

Source: @RichBigCheese

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