Dublin: 1 °C Sunday 27 September, 2020

The #HungoverForEquality hashtag is the best thing on Twitter today

Get some Lucozade into you Ireland. Be grand.

Gay marriage referendum Source: PA WIRE

IN CASE YOU haven’t heard, Ireland voted Yes to marriage equality yesterday – and celebrated in style last night. So how is everyone today? Er…

#HungoverForEquality was started by blogger Geoff Shorts earlier today, who came to the rescue of a country in desperate need of a new hashtag to express their feelings with:

It being Ireland, everyone was only too glad to join in.

There was some sage advice

Beautiful Solps.

There were some pleas for quiet

Yeah, shut up, CHER.

There were lamentations about the weather

(It’s too nice to be hungover in, you see.)

Beige food desires were aired, and realised

Supermacs <3

And everyone couldn’t help but agree with this

Go on ya good tings.

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