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23 first world problems that are too real for Irish people

Hold us.

Sales Spending 2005 Source: Graham Hughes/RollingNews.ie

1. Going 49c over the €30 Contactless limit and having to enter your pin

2. When the RTÉ Player crashes and then makes you watch the ads again

3. Not being able to top up your Leap card online

4. “Netflix is down”

5. Minimum delivery charges shaming lonely takeaway eaters

6. The UPC Horizon box

7. Fadas on online forms

gran Source: @grainnemac

8. The inevitable error when you tell the self-service checkout that you brought your own bag

9. Forgetting to bring your own bag

10. The AIB card reader

11. Online shops insisting on your postcode and you actually have one now so you have to go and dig it out

12. Watching your Hailo driver bumbling around the map, unable to find your house

13. When you go to Penneys to buy one thing and spend €64 on ‘bits’

14. When you go to Boots to buy one thing and spend €76 on ‘bits’

16. “Not Enough Storage”

17. Being called Róisín, Padraig, Sadhbh or Caoimhe at Starbucks

18. Only getting one sauce with nine nuggets

McDonalds Chicken McNuggets Source: Calgary Reviews

19. Burgers sold in packs of four or eight, burger buns sold in packs of six

20. The fact that they still haven’t come up with the perfect umbrella

21. The new Roses wrappers

22. Can’t have a nice cold glass of water because all of the glasses are roasting from the dishwasher

23. They still haven’t come up with a more convenient way of carrying briquettes.

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