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10 struggles that are too real for people with surnames as Gaeilge

Spell ‘Ó Flaithbheartaigh’ right the first time. We dare you.

1. First of all, almost every bit of correspondence you get looks like this

Mangled! The internet hates fadas.

2. And you’re constantly told you don’t have a ‘valid name’

That hurts, truly.

3. When you have to put an apostrophe in and leave the fadas out just to get along, and it breaks your heart

Is this what it takes? To be accepted? *bursts into tears*

4. Having to gear yourself up every time you spell it out on the phone

“Hello, my name is about ten miles long and has approximately 15 h’s. Yes I’m sure. Please don’t hate me.”

5. And you can almost feel people panic having to try and spell it themselves

giphy Source: Giphy

We know! So many vowels! We’re sorry!

6. Not to mention the amazing pronunciations you hear

I mean, why beat around the bush? #tinderproblems #irishnameproblems

A photo posted by Bláithín Kerr (@blaithinkerr) on

Ó Chonghaile. O’Conga-line.

7. It’s very difficult abroad…

Even Facebook is confused #irishnameproblems

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You might resent the day your parents called you Pádraic Ó Flaithbheartaigh, for example.

8. …But Irish people themselves are just as guilty

We can’t blame you though. Some Irish names are WEIRD.

9. It’s not as simple as ‘just using your English name’ though

in english Source: Twitter/ThreeCare

It’s our identity.

10. And maybe we like bombarding you with all our vowels

the-grinch-grin Source: BlogSpot

It’s our little way of having fun. *devil emoji*

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