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10 extremely Irish understatements

We wouldn’t be ones for making a big deal out of things, now.

ONE OF THE hallmarks of the Irish psyche is a tendency to understate just about everything. Sure why would we be wanting to make a fuss?


babyhangover Source: Twitter/@Natale732

What we say: “He’s a bit tired.”

What we mean: “He was extremely drunk last night and is now extremely hungover this morning. But I don’t like to rat on him.”


stranger-things-eleven-star-large_trans  QoamytKZXL_WGgCeRLuXZwDFfz1J2Xw7AAgFCRzwvx4 Source: Netflix

What we say: “Oh but she’s harmless, really.”

What we mean: “Well, she’s odd. Quite odd. But we don’t want to be rude.”


Éamon_de_Valera Source: Wikimedia

What we said: The Emergency.

What we meant: Literally World War II. Nazis. Hitler. All of that.


What we say: “Grand soft day, so it is.”

What we mean: “It’s not raining, but I’m soaked through. There’s just a general dampness. I actually hate this.”


What we say: ”She suffered with her nerves.”

What we mean: ”She’s dealing with anxiety/depression.”


What we say: “Oof, there’s a bit of heat in that sun.”

What we mean: “I’m sweating like a pig and about to burn to a crisp.”


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What we say: “He had some kind of a turn.”

What we mean: A serious medical issue.


Free_Derry_Corner_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1317804 Source: Wikimedia

What we say: The Troubles.

What we mean: Three decades of violence between nationalists and unionists in Northern Ireland.


4d4 Source: Know Your Meme

What we say: “God loves a trier.”

What we mean: “Well you made a complete and utter balls of that, didn’t you.”


fakesmile Source: Instagram/iamjoie04

What we say: “That’s grand now.”

What we mean: “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” OR “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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