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Which Jamie Dornan Is Your Boyfriend?

It’s time you found out.

dornan quiz

1. Pick somewhere for you and Jamie to go on a date.
The cinema
The pub for a few pints

Somewhere nice for dinner
A nice stroll somewhere picturesque
2. What trait do you most look for in an other half?
A sense of humour


An active lifestyle
Strong chemistry
3. Pick a romantic gesture that appeals to you most.
Little love notes left for you when you least expect it
A nice cup of tea ready for you after a long day

Getting whisked away on a weekend for two
Bringing you beige food when you're hungover
4. Which of Jamie's co-stars would you most like to befriend?
PA Wire
Cillian Murphy
PA Wire
Gillian Anderson

PA Wire
Dakota Johnson
PA Wire
Rita Ora
5. Beard or no beard?
PA Wire
No beard
6. And finally, how do you feel about a Nordie accent?
Gillian Anderson
It's like catnip to me
I could take it or leave it

I literally don't understand a word of it
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Christian Grey Jamie Dornan is your boyfriend!
Maybe not the nicest boyfriend to have but he'll make sure you're looked after. In all senses of the phrase.
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Huffington Post
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Calvin Klein Model Jamie Dornan is your boyfriend!
Well aren't you a lucky so-and-so.
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BBC Pictures
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The Fall Jamie Dornan is your boyfriend!
Oh dear. Shit one.
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Silly Walk Jamie Dornan is your boyfriend!
Goofy Jamie. Some might say this is the Best Jamie.
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PA Wire
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Shaved Head Jamie Dornan is your boyfriend!
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Huntsman Jamie Dornan is your boyfriend!
Jamie's earliest TV role was in the US show Once Upon A Time. This was a great time for his hair. Congrats.
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