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Katie Hopkins unwittingly signed an order banning her from public speaking*
*It’s not official. But it made us laugh anyway.

THE PROFESSIONALLY OFFENSIVE Katie Hopkins has inexplicably found herself a niche giving out about things she doesn’t like on TV.

These things include babies with ginger hair, ‘lazy’ parents and most recently, Lily Allen.

Imagine our delight when she accidentally signed an ‘order’ banning her from public speaking, thinking it was a simple autograph.

The stunt was set up by Crowdwish, a project that encourages people to post their wishes and desires on their website, then tries to make the day’s most popular wish come true.

Last week on March 5, the wish was that ‘Katie Hopkins could be the subject of a gagging order banning her from any form of public speaking’.

They went out to make it so – and this is how it went down, according to the Crowdwish blog:

We knew where Katie was going to be for the night, and arranged for a paparazzi photographer to be there too. He asked her to pause for some photos outside the venue and at that stage, posing as besotted ‘fans’, we asked for autographs. In time-honoured fashion, Katie guilelessly signed the bottom of our paper, which was in fact the confession you see below.

tumblr_n1ye1y5nEx1swvhqio1_1280 Crowdwish Crowdwish

Here she is in the act:

tumblr_n1ye1y5nEx1swvhqio2_r1_1280 Crowdwish Crowdwish

The final clause rings true the most: ‘In fact, I’m sorry and embarrassed for pretty much everything I’ve ever done. I’ll go now.’

If only, says you. If only.

Surprisingly, Katie hasn’t spoken out about this yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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