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Kendall Jenner, we need to have words about these 'shorts' you're wearing

The true meaning of ‘jorts’.

better talk nice

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KENDALL JENNER IS a successful model and a member of one of the most famous families in the world, but her sense of style is… confusing, at best.

There was this half-jumper, corset and gigantic dad pants situation:

France: Super model Kendall Jenner in Paris Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

These bloomers:

Balmain's H&M Fashion Show - New York Source: Sonia Moskowitz/PA Wire

And the time she wore a sheer top and star nipple pasties and called it a day.

France: Kendall Jenner Sighting In Paris - January 21th, 2017 Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

Her outfits can be out there, but they’re mostly understandable given that she’s a rich model and not a mere mortal like the rest of us. Until… the shorts.

These may seem like normal shorts at first glance, but look closer. What’s this?


Where is this random piece of fabric going?



Yeah. These are not shorts but jeans, with all the leg cut out. Kendall, we have some questions about this here garment.

Where did you even GET these?

We did some digging, and here is the exciting news: They’re by LA streetwear brand Left Hand, which has form in the shredded denim area.

Coming soon

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The price point is around $100 to $150. Jesus wept.

How do you put them on? Do you step into them like normal jeans, or attach the ankle wraps after?

Either way, it’s comical.

Do you not get caught on things?

We could just see ourselves getting stuck in car doors and entangled in handles.

Do you not feel like a giant eejit?

If a regular Joe wore this, there’d be no chance of them walking down the street without someone at least openly staring at them, if not full on pointing and laughing.

This is the true difference between being a celebrity and being a normal, we guess.

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