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Here's what happens when you ask a kid to design an ad for a funeral home

The blackest of black comedy.

KIDS HAVE THE weirdest sense of humour. There’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to their strange jokes:

Which is probably why you shouldn’t ask them to design ads for anything, least of all a funeral home.

But that’s exactly what a funeral home in Reddit user joshuar9476′s hometown of Greensburg, Indiana did. And this one was dark, dark, dark.

3ksKAtI reddit / joshuar9476 reddit / joshuar9476 / joshuar9476

Naturally, people were a little sceptical. What sort of funeral home would hold a design contest for children?

But it does happen – and another user was able to shed some light on it:

The newspapers [in Indiana] run these big pull outs of ads drawn by kids every year. There are a bunch of businesses that do it – restaurants, shoe stores, the schools themselves and yes, funeral homes.

“When I was in primary school it was like a contest of sorts,” they added. “Your class had a business, and whoever had the best drawing went into the newspaper special section.”

Amazing. This one better get in, for reasons.

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