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These kids' Halloween costumes will make you want to up your game this year

They make dressing up look like child’s play.

IT’S TIME TO get your Halloween act together people.

The day itself is less than a fortnight away, and the next couple of weeks will see lots of people donning fancy dress for parties and the like.

Coming up with a good costume idea can be a challenge, there’s no doubting that, but these kids are on their Halloween game.

Hopefully they’ll inspire you.

This little Garth from Wayne’s World

Me and my daughter. Late Halloween costume post. - Imgur Source: Imgur

 This little one who needed some help from Dad

This has to be the greatest father/baby Halloween costume ever. - Imgur Source: Imgur

This guy who is going to have a real headache tomorrow

And the award for the best Halloween costume goes to... - Imgur Source: Imgur

Little Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad

Da90Txu Source: Imgur

This little scuba diver


 This terrifyingly cute couple from Child’s Play

e0903ca91b770fec21bc73e63f7781e5 Source: Pinterest

 This tiny Marie Antoinette

pint Source: Pinterest

Teeny tiny Fred and Wilma Flinstone

fred wilma Source: Girlshue

The smallest of Kings of Rock n’ Roll

58af27d686ec4ed78885d872ce90c394 Source: Pinterest

This little chickadee

af6303f6b2caf9143fd3e99b27eb56d8 Source: Pinterest

 Tom Cruise’s mini-me

tom Source: EgoTvOnline

 The Queen of Hearts in miniature form

enhanced-buzz-17174-1381435484-13 Source: Etsy

These little Mario brothers

62152_pe_1216774827 Source: EgoTvOnline

 Beetlejuice’s tiny compatriot

84b53f130646fae1ff92160d68a96185 Source: Pinterest

This little Holly Golightly

1d17e7c7ea726b7e6ad4f8f0139a915f Source: Pinterest

The smallest Lucille Ball of all


This tiny little Edward Scissorhands

asdf Source: Iwastesomuchtimes

This little guy who took the cents-ible route

Awesome Halloween costume. - Imgur Source: Imgur

The tiniest, toughts, toddler Mr. T

Best baby Halloween costume ever... - Imgur Source: Imgur

This little Popeye whose muscles are as big as his head

My son Carter's first Halloween - Imgur Source: Imgur

Cruella DeVille’s protegé

2687fecbc29d990cb9f120ededd9331e Source: Pinterest

And Frida Kahlo, the next generation

enhanced-buzz-17135-1381355562-4 Source: Aubrey Trinnaman/Oh Happy Day via Buzzfeed


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