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There's a lamb and a puppy in Kilkenny and they're best friends

Meet Bear and Little Dorrit.

sa Source: Zwartbles Ireland on Facebook

NEW BORN LAMBS are arguably one of the best things about spring in Ireland.

And if its lambs you want, then the Zwartbles Ireland Vine account is where you’ll get them.

Kilkenny based sheep farmer Suzanna Crampton looks after a flock of black Zwartbles sheep on the banks of the Nore. And she’s introduced us to two of her charges: Little Dorrit the lamb and Bear the puppy…

“Sad state of affairs when only a puppy and a lamb respond to my whistle”


“Bear and Little Dorrit have a morning chat with the rams before I feed them”


Of course Little Dorrit and Bear aren’t the farm’s only residents…

“Wonky Wobbler is now sort of standing and drinking, but has acquired an audience due to messy drinking”


“Wonky is getting much better at negotiating the kitchen canine obstacle course”


” A very noisy commute back to night time accommodation”


“The wonky wobbler is smaller than Ovenmitt”


Yes, the cat is called Ovenmitt. Hold us.

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