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8 shamelessly lazy cooking habits we can never admit to

Listen, at least you haven’t ordered a takeaway.

CAN’T COOK WON’T cook. We all take short-cuts now and again but you better believe that they’ll be left unsaid.

1. Microwaving things that should never be microwaved

The allure of the microwave sometimes proves to be too magnetic to resist. It must be the radioactivity or something. Scrambled eggs and warming milk are probably the most offensive when it comes to foods you shouldn’t nuke, but when time is short, dry eggs will have to do.

Throw out the bowl after, it will never be clean again despite the three-day steep.

freeze-dried-scrambled-eggs-honeyville-18new Source: Nexcesscdn

A cat is disgusted at what it sees

2. Not following any instructions

Stop halfway and stir? Leave to stand for two minutes? HA. We’re eating it and we are burning our tongue asap.

pizzarolls Source: Imgur

3. You’ve got some imaginative defrosting methods

Frozen meat? Soup? Shove it in the microwave there or throw it on the rad. Good to go in no time.

- Imgflip Source: Father Jack

4. You never read the cooking time on frozen meals

Each time you have to reach into the bin to take it out and re-read the instructions, a little part of you (and your culinary dreams) die.

bincooking Source: Shutterstock

5. Cereal is your staple food

It’s perfect for every meal. It’s also slightly less difficult to prepare. Slightly.


6. Not waiting until the oven is preheated

Sure just add on an extra few minutes, BE GRAND. Bit of crunch never hurt anyone. That cheese was never meant to be a prisoner to those parcels.

GLziwTr Source: Imgur

7. Boiling water water in the kettle before putting on the stove

Just makes sense really, time is money people. AND you can have a cup of tea while you’re at it, win win.

BOIL Source: PhotoBucket

8. Cooking way too much because you aren’t bothered measuring

Guestimates are always horrifically wrong and when making bolognese for two, you end up with a feast that could sustain two families for at least six months.


We need one of these, ASAP.

745Q412831 Source: Kulfoto

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