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7 ways your phone is making you sad

You always hurt the ones you love.


They keep you up to date, keep you entertained and keep you in the loop with the latest cat GIFs beaming at you live from us here at DailyEdge.ie Towers.

But they can also make you SAD*. Sob.

(*Please, don’t feel bad if you shed a tear during this article. There might have even been one or two shed while it was being written.)

1. Leaving your phone at home and getting no texts

Is there anything more upsetting? You pop off to work, accidentally leaving your phone at home all day. After the day’s slog, you get home – eager to see what textual delights await you.

But the phone is blank.

Blank as your HEART.

Source: Reddit

2. Battery woes

Back in the days of WAP-enabled bricks, we never needed to worry about carrying chargers around or our phones spluttering out halfway through a night out. Being able to call someone on day three of a festival is a distant, dim memory.

Source: Geeksplode

3. No one responding to your status

You whip out your phone and type out what is probably THE most seminal, hilarious and like-worthy status of our time. Confident, you thrust your phone back in your pocket, awaiting the deluge of validation from friends and family.

Nothing. Not one like. Zip.

Meanwhile, some moronic musing from a twit you went to secondary school with racks up 20 likes in about 20 seconds.

4. Uncooperative headphones


Source: Shutterstock

5. Getting photo-bombed in a selfie

There’s already a tender note of vulnerability in every selfie. None of us need the added humiliation of a dog evacuating his bowels in the background.

Source: Likes

6. No one answering the “Pint?” text


And if you do get that tell-tale buzz in your pocket, it won’t be a reply. Just a low battery alert. Weep.

Source: Damn You Autocorrect

7. Phone phantom vibrations

“What’s this? Vibration! Oh, must have got a text!”

No, your phone is just messing with your mind. It never vibrated at all. Just wishful thinking? Or cruel manipulation from a smartphone that is quite possibly becoming worryingly sentient?

Source: Tuned Tech Life

How does your phone make you sad? PASS THE TISSUES.

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