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9 small things that made your day as a kid (but probably don't anymore)

Great things come in small packages.

IT’S THE LITTLE things in life that make it special.

And children, especially, can find joy in the smallest things.

Getting the toy in the cereal

When it plopped out into your cereal bowl. Unadulterated bliss.

Source: Retro TV Ads

Substitute teacher

A sub meant messing – and there is NOTHING better than a bit of messing.


A fry for dinner

Mam was either too tired or didn’t have any potatoes in. Either way, it was a fry for dinner and the best day ever.

See also: Getting McDonald’s for dinner on the way home in the car. YES!

Source: Brainy Gamer 

Staying up past bedtime

Somehow, your parents didn’t notice it was way past your bedtime. You sit cautiously in the corner of the living room, watching thrilling post-bedtime TV, careful not to say a word in case you break the spell and they send you up to bed.

Source: Shutterstock

Being slipped a fiver

As an adult, no one slips you money just for the hell of it. But as a child, people are always at it. Aunts, uncles, grandparents. A constant stream of pocket money top-up.

Source: renaissancechambara/Flickr

School tour

There was nothing better than a school tour – except maybe getting to go to the shops to buy sweets for the school tour.

Source: Deasy Coaches

Not getting the blame

The sheer hit of joy that comes along with a sibling getting blamed for something that you actually did.

Teacher puts on a video

When the teacher wheeled in that TV for a video day, the glee in the classroom was palpable.

Source: Tumblr

Getting post

It might be an everyday occurrence for you as an adult, but remember the happiness you felt when you got a letter as a child?

Actually, just getting to send a letter was pretty great too.

Source: Irish American Mom

What little thing did you love as a kid? Let us know in the comments. (PS, how much would your childhood self have loved the thrill of green thumbs? JOY.)

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