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7 reasons the Irish chipper is a culinary marvel

Because chips, obviously.


Chips. They’re all good, all the time. No matter how bad chips might be, they’re still pretty good. And you know where they’re at their best?

Ah, it’s the CHIPPER of course.

1. It’s pretty much the best part of a night out

Feck all that other stuff. It’s all just preamble to the chipper, really. Plus, if you didn’t get the shift in the clurb then you can always seduce someone over garlic cheese fries.

And hey, if they turn you down, you can always eat the face off a batter burger.

Fish & Chips Ah. Lovely, dependable chips Source: akasha111182

2. Shameless self-indulgence

We’re all in it together in the chipper. It’s a treat, sure. There’s no judgement in a chipper – not from the staff, not from your fellow patrons. It’s one place where you can let your freak flag fly and get ketchup all over yourself.

Source: TailgatingIdeas

3. The incredible delicacies on offer

Spice burgers. Curry cheese chips. Taco fries. Wurly burgers. Potato cakes. Chip rolls. Battered everything.

Source: Facebook/Wurly burgers

Truly, the menus are Michelin star worthy.

Source: Jeffrey Tastes

4. The salt and vinegar shakers

It’s never the same if you forget and have to do it yourself at home.

Source: flickr/WordRidden

5. The fact that no one is above chipper chips

Not you.

Not Georgia Salpa.

Source: James Horan/Photocall Ireland

Not even your Nana.

Source: Billi Lolar/Flickr


6. It’s always time for chips

Lunchtime, dinnertime – and does early in the morning count as breakfastime?

Source: Flickr/Mikeclogh

7. We all have a favourite chipper

And we’ll argue to the last that it’s the best in the country.

Source: infomatique

Where’s your favourite chipper? And are you partial to a batter burger or a cheese chips? Let us know in the comments. 

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