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A Love Letter To Beige Food, From The People Of Ireland

Our hearts’ desire.

This is my 'I'm feeling sorry for myself & not leaving bed' breakfast. #vegan #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #veganfood #vegannoms #veganbreakfast #crueltyfree #yummy #beigefood Source: Instagram/midorisuso

WE’VE HAD OUR ups and downs, we’ve opened juice bars and vegan cafés, and briefly went mad for kale – but Ireland’s greatest, strongest love affair has always been with beige food.

So we want to take the time to thank it for all it’s done for us.

Dear beige food,

Firstly, let us say, you are beautiful

Someone's hungover #BEIGEFOOD Source: Instagram/lozpot91

Some people say beige is boring. Some use the word as a slur. But us? We’ve never heard a word more melodious than ‘beige’.

And you comfort us like no other

Teacher, mother, healer, lover.

We owe a debt of gratitude to France*

frenchdonuts Source: Zeblog

The namesake (*but not the origin country) of our favourite food producer, Cuisine de France.

Croissants, muffins, and the demi baguettes that embrace our beloved breaded chicken fillets. Sublime.

And to the takeaways around Ireland, constantly innovating in the beige food world

@mollyhj omg unreal! #megaspicebox #spicebag #foodporn #winenot #catchup #fitspo #healthy #vegan thanks @yung_luong was amazing! Source: Instagram/cliona1991

The mega spice box. The 6-in-1s. Thank you for elevating our beige food experiences to a whole new level.

To the flaky pastry of the sausage roll

CQ9voG6W8AASMlM Source: Twitter/@BCSausageRolls

It leaves its mark all over our faces and clothes, but we don’t mind. In fact, we relish it.

To the Sunday dinner, in rich shades of brown

A delicious Sunday roast; the makings of a perfect Sunday. #sunday #sundayroast #roast #food #delicious #fullers #perfect #beef Source: Instagram/bkalcher

There may be some carrots/cabbage hanging around, but that’s only pretend. We’re really looking at YOU, gravy, spuds, Yorkshire puds, and glorious meat. *winks*

And the glorious mess of a curry cheese chip

The hangover cure followed by shopping! @lisaaafitzy #unreal #currycheesechip #myfavourite Source: Instagram/eimearbrazil

It looks so wrong, but it feels so right.

But let’s not forget the humble corn snack

Bke-40oIYAA7lRN Source: Twitter/@nothing_woman

You’re often overlooked in the beige food world, corn snack, but know that we love you dearly. From the spicy tang of Thai Rings to the beefy Brown Hula Hoop, we would be lost without your crunchy caress.

So never leave us

Found a great chippie for your next UK visit! @the_blind_dead #batteredchips #beigefood #cheatnight Source: Instagram/lilmissfighter

Through sorrow, through joy, through heartbreak, through misguided ‘wellness’ kicks – you have been there. We thank you, and we adore you. Beige for life.



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