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The Love/Hate season finale: 11 questions we want answered

Spoilers within.

LAST NIGHT, WE said goodbye to Love/Hate once again, as the season concluded with an episode that was, frankly, a little all over the shop.

As a result, there are lots of questions we’d like answered, and we’d imagine some of the other one million or so viewers would like the same.

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What happened to the pipe bomb guy?

pipe bomb

After last week’s foiled attempt by Nidge and Wayne to get rid of the pipe bomb guy, we were expecting to see him exact his revenge.  Instead, he was barely seen in last night’s episode.

One blink-and-you’d-miss-it shot showed him getting on a ferry. Is he really gone or will he come back and take care of Nidge?

Why get rid of Wayne?


The dynamic between Nidge and Wayne had a lot of potential for future episodes, and Wayne himself was a bit of a scene stealer.  Why get rid of him?

There are questions in terms of the storyline as well.  Was Nidge trying to keep his attack on the pipe bomb guy a secret?  Could he simply not stand to let someone who had seen him fail live? Or did he simply not trust someone who could change sides so easily?

Will Wayne’s killer be in the gang now?


He’s now shown that he’ll do anything to get in, but will Nidge want him?  Or will he simply get rid of him as he did Wayne?

What’s the future for Nidge’s love life?


He seemed to find some real comfort and solace in Janet, but since his callousness about Debbie and the other girl’s deaths she’s gone a bit cold.

Now that she’s seen who he really is can she continue the relationship?  Or is it over?  And if it’s over does that mean she’s over too?

What’s going to happen to Tommy?


Poor auld Tommy was in bad shape throughout this season, never more so than in the season finale when his head began to bleed and he collapsed.

Moynihan seemed to think he would pull through, but as Siobhan said, in many ways he’s gone already.  Will we see Tommy gone altogether?  What more can they do with his character given his condition?

Will Siobhan rat on Nidge?


Siobhan seemed pretty committed to doing whatever it takes to exact revenge on Nidge for what he did to Tommy.

Will she go through with it or will she chicken out?  Or will Nidge get wind of it and send her on her merry way?  He seems to be very free and easy with the killing these days.

What’s the story with Fran’s teeth?


One minute they’re fixed, the next they’re not.  Who will continue his dental work now that Andrew is gone?  Enquiring minds need to know!

When are we going to see the Nidge/Fran showdown?


When is this power struggle going to come to a head, and who is going to win?

Clearly Fran is no longer happy working for Nidge, or anyone, for that matter.  He’s bound to strike out on his own at some point.  What are we going to see?

Are we going to see Keith Duffy again?


Will he ‘grow tits’ from all the stuff he’s taking for the bodybuilding?

What the hell was Nidge at in that cell?


No really, what was that about?  Yes, Nidge has been a little paranoid this series but he still seemed to have it all together at a basic level.

Why did he intentionally get himself arrested?  Why did he claw at himself until he bled?  What is he at, at all, at all?

Will the IRA be back?


With Dano gone, things seem to be pretty kosher between Nidge and the IRA.  Tony asked for some money from the tiger kidnapping and Nidge seemed happy to give it to him, but could that be it?

Surely the two biggest criminal powers in Dublin will come up against each other again?

Do you have the answers?  Or do you have other questions?  Leave them in the comments.

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