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# straight out of navan
11 times Tommy Tiernan was just really f**king funny
He could speak for Ireland.
# water therapy
How a dip in a pool can help open up a new world for children with autism
Research shows that water therapy for children with autism can relax them, satisfying sensory needs, and making them more open to communicating with others and learning.
# Quiz
Which Love/Hate Character Are You?
Take this quiz to find out.
# scotty boy
Love/Hate's Killian Scott was on the Late Late talking about fizzy orange
People were also shocked to discover that he’s a bit POSH.
# Spoiler Alert
There's more death on the cards in Love/Hate
SPOILER ALERT! Sure when isn’t there?
# What?
The Love/Hate season finale: 11 questions we want answered
Spoilers within.
# Love/Hate
What's Fran plotting against Nidge in the Love/Hate finale?
Two teaser clips have been released, hinting at the plot.
# nidgerpants
Next episode of Love/Hate features Nidge brandishing a sword in his pants
Looks like the nets are closing in on Nidge.
# the dildo trick
Last night's Love/Hate: Dildos, holy communion and Nidgey tears
Your essential recap in 24 easy steps.
# oh jaysus handle
Last night's Love/Hate: Fran's tooth, the Oh Jaysus Handle, and rats
Your essential recap in 28 simple steps
# Love/Hate
Revealed: Stills from the new episode of Love/Hate
There’s a big white van – but what’s in the back?
# no hass
Story, Fran... What's going on in the Season 4 teaser for Love/Hate?
“It’s help I need, not hassle,” the polo shirt aficionado tells two bemused men. After reciting a campfire song.
# cula boola
Love/Hate looks set to be a big hit in the UK
The Guardian has called it “Ireland’s answer to The Wire”.
# big willy style
Yes, we've rated the Love/Hate lads' penis size
We’re classy like that.
# love hate
Love/Hate season finale: 7 questions we want answered
The big issues – and the small ones – that the final episode left hanging. SOMEBODY HELP.
# love hate
Love/Hate parody Twitter accounts: Your essential guide
All the way down to Aido’s dead budgie.
# love hate
PLAY: The Unofficial Love/Hate Drinking* Game
*For use with minerals or tea. We’ve all got work in the morning.
# love hate
Last night's Love/Hate: Fat rabbits and a baby in a brothel
Our nerves are gone. What did we learn from episode three?