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7 weird things that happened this week
Lamb meat with a side of dirty pond water, get a beard to advance your career and a Ferris wheel – the bizarre news stories you might have missed.

THE AUTHOR R.A Salvatore is on record as saying that “sane is boring”. 

We have to agree with him sometimes. And if you find the sane all too mundane, then come along with and trip the weird news fantastic. Every week, we bring you the oddest news stories from around the world, freshly pressed and condensed, for your reading pleasure.

So grip up and strap in – it won’t be boring. 

A drunk man frightened children at a Ferris wheel in Cork, the Irish Examiner reports. The Cork District Court heard this week that on the 22nd December, the man got through a gap in the cordoned line and pushed into the middle of the queue for the amusement and caused a scene. He was later seen on the 27th December in the Hillbilly’s at Grand Parade where he “caused annoyance” to customers. A Ferris wheel and a chicken burger? This guy knows how to do it up right. (Irish Examiner)

Lamb meat in China has been found to have been pumped full of dirty pond water in order to swell its weight. State television reported the country’s latest food scandal that affected major cities such as Guangzhou and Foshan. Dirty. Pond. Water. Makes our qualms about horse meat last year look a little petty, right? (Reuters)

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Two bright sparks in Oregan got arrested last week after tipping with crystal meth in a restaurant. The couple, Ryan Benson and Erica Manley, enjoyed a steak dinner and then left the waitress some meth in an envelope to thank her for the great service. They were then promptly arrested. Reports that the couple screamed “I AM THE ONE WHO TIPS!” as they were taken down are unconfirmed and, in fact, made up by me right this minute. (

A baby whale with two heads washed up in Mexico. The conjoined Siamese twin grey whales, found in a lagoon, could be the first of their kind ever discovered. What a head-the-ball. Wheh, wheh, wheh. (Mirror)

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A beard makes you more employable. Javier Sanz was trying to find work on an online marketplace called oDesk, which allows jobseekers to secure work they can do from home. Javier found that prospective employers replied to 12 per cent of his applications when he was clean-shaven, but 35 per cent responded when he had a beard. Caveat: This may not work for women. (Metro)

A woman has received the diamond from her wedding ring back, via her dog’s behind. British woman Angie Collins put her ring, worth about €21, 730, to one side as she manicured her nails. The next thing she noticed, the band was mangled on the floor and the diamond was gone. Mrs Collins raises dogs for the Devon and Cornwall Police, and one had evidently taken his investigative duties a touch too far. After a few days of doing some “investigating” of her own (ie checking through his poops for her diamond), the precious stone was recovered. Now that’s what we call A DIAMOND IN THE RUFF. YES! (Yahoo!)

DumpaDay DumpaDay

Danish cinnamon rolls have been decreed by EU officials as too, too spicy. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (really? those two things together?) recently discovered that Danish cinnamon pastries actually contain more coumarin than EU rules allow. Excessive intake of this chemical compound found in the most common variety of cinnamon can cause liver damage.  ”A grown man like me could eat like 10 ‘kanelsnegle’ every day for several years and not even get near the limit of what’s dangerous to my liver,” said Anders Grabow, a spokesman for the Danish Bakers’ Association, protesting the EU rule. Sounds like our kind of diet, Anders. (AP)

Pssst. Spotted any wacky news in your local area? Let us know on or below in the comments if you’d like to see your name in lights. It could be you!

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