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McDonald's is now selling these disgusting looking cheese chips

This extremely unappetising dish is only available in Japan, thankfully.

THE HUMBLE CHEESE CHIP, staple dish of fast food eateries around the world, has finally found its way to the Golden Arches.

According to Kotaku, McDonald’s Japan has added cheese fries to their menu as part of a “vintage-style American” range.

This would be a glorious addition, except for one thing – the cheese comes in a sachet, which you squeeze over the chips like ketchup or mayonnaise.

mcdcheese1 Source: Twitter/@Nano_mdm

The result? Squiggly, decidedly un-cheesey looking cheese.

mcdcheese3 Source: Twitter/@garukurosu

You also receive a packet of what can only be described as “bacon flakes” to sprinkle on top of your “cheese”.

mcdcheese2 Source: Twitter/@rui_oxo

We are very serious about cheese chips here in Ireland. So serious, in fact, we would never stand for this abomination.

McDonald’s Ireland, if you do decide to introduce cheese chips to our menu, please do better than this. We beg you.

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