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14 of the most unfortunate menu translation fails

Mmmmm, baked backwash with mushrooms.

OH, LET’S JUST have a look at the menu here…

1. Ah, the downfalls of Google translate

funny-restaurant-menu-chicken Source: Loldamn

2. Do they have to be spicy AND cold?

funny-menu-items15 Source: Warmphotos

3. Grab what now?

funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-13 Source: Boredpanda

4. We’ll pass, on everything. All of it, all food

201212-w-funny-menus-fried-bum Source: Travelandleisure


z11chineseenglishdotcomv Source: Villagevoice

6. I’ll have two

4348_728x Source: Chirkup

7. Yeah, 3.70 IS too good to be true

funny_menus_43 Source: Izismile

8. Oh, that’s really selling it

Worst menu translation, ever. #moscow Source: jamesaallen

9. Mmmm, flavoursome

funny-menu-16 Source: Wordpress

10. Pass

funny-menu-7 Source: Pophangover

11. Listen, not even arsed, just give me food

ubhubh Source: thehealthykitchenco

12. Mmmmmmmmm, steamed crap

craps1 Source: Tripbase

13. Oh, well if it comes with vanilla…

god-with-vanilla1 Source: Tripbase

14. Listen, we’ll just order Domino’s

Weird-menu-items5 Source: Xaxor

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