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13 microscopic images that will change the way you look at the world

Want a closer look? GET READY.

EVER WONDERED WHAT life is like under a microscope?

Well, we guarantee you won’t be wondering any more after seeing these freaky snaps. Check out these everyday items under a super-strong and mildly scary microscope.

1. A human tongue

Source: Imgur

2. The ridge in a fingerprint

Source: Imgur

3. A guitar string

Source: Imgur

4. Eyelashes

Source: Imgur

5. Red blood cells

Source: Imgur

6. A scab

Source: Imgur

7. Skin, hair and fungus – with the fungus killing the hair

Source: Shutterstock

8. A maggot

Source: Imgur

9. Sand

Source: Imgur

10. Clay

Microscopic image of clay - Imgur Source: Imgur

11. The surface of a vinyl record

Source: Imgur

12. Hair

Source: Imgur

13. Skin blistered from heat

Source: Imgur

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