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Miriam Lord trended on Twitter after her 'divine' and touching Ursula Halligan article
“All things being equal, it’s not a lot to ask”.

USUALLY THE LATE Late Show is king of the Twitter trends on a Saturday morning, but today, Irish Times journalist Miriam Lord holds the top spot.


Her writing in today’s paper on the topic of her friend Ursula Halligan and her public statements this week about being gay has been described as “devine”, “suberb” and “brilliant”.


Lord writes of her Ursula’s bravery, her waiving of her privacy, her conviction to be “damned if she of she was going to  allow others to suffer a similar fate”, and her down-to-earthedness:

She’s a bit mortified now and can’t wait to get back to normal.

It seems that Lord has written a note to Ursula that many people would like to sign.

Lord has also written about the No campaign. Of the ‘lots of people’ she knows and recognises in the debates and the ‘fun’ she has ‘working out the connections’.

I know them for too long. I’m tired of them.

Lord finishes:

May she, and those she dearly wants to see living a fulfilled life of love and acceptance, achieve her heart’s desire. All things being equal, it’s not a lot to ask.

Read it here:

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