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# moist
The secret to looking young forever? Moisturising 10 times a day, according to Liz Hurley
Is the fountain of youth closer than first thought?
# moist
Just 10 of the most toe curling words that exist in the English language
The word moist will haunt us forever,
# moist
Do straight men actually hate moisturiser? We investigate
A deep dive into men’s skincare routines (or lack thereof).
# moist
This video of male celebrities saying the word 'moist' is a crime against women
# Yeast
12 words women hate even more than 'moist'
How’s your clammy crevice?
# say moist again
What do the words 'curd', 'moist' and 'flap' have in common?
# moist
Man’s wallet is returned to him, 24 years after he lost it
He might need to renew that library card.
# Shudder
These are the most horrible words in the English language*
*Or some of them, at least.