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People are sharing their most awkward moments on Twitter, and it's hilarious

“Have a nice flight!” “You too!”

YESTERDAY, WRITER JENNY Lawson shared this cripplingly embarrassing moment she had in the airport.

We’ve all been there.

The confession prompted her followers to share their own embarrassing anecdotes and it was solid gold.

Warning: you might pull a muscle cringing at these.

Like this poor soul who recommended a family put their relative in the electric chair.


Or this woman who forgot how to spell her own name.

email Source: Flickr

“Toilet & Douche”


Spare a thought for this guy.

booth Source: Flickr

And this gal.


Whoopsy daisy.

beer Source: Flickr

*buys new jeans at lunch break*

jean Source: Flickr

Why does our brain betray us at the most inopportune moments?

veg2 Source: Flickr


waitress Source: Flickr

“Have a good idea, everyone”.

night Source: Flickr

For more cringey anecdotes, visit The Blogess’ Twitter account here.

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