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The Happy Pear (and other Irish cafés) will appear on this Netflix show - here's what you need to know
The Greystones duo are set to appear on I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, a food travel show on Netflix.
# chapstick and mascara
9 tricks for flawless makeup from your favourite drag queens
Just between us squirrel friends.
# netflix and chill
Pick a genre and we'll tell you what to watch on Netflix this weekend
The hardest part is making up your mind, so we’ll do it for you.
# icarus
'He was going to be killed to cover-up his information': the terrifying truth behind sports doping
New Netflix documentary Icarus charts Bryan Fogel’s incredible relationship with Russian whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov.
# alias grace
This new Margaret Atwood Netflix series is about an Irish servant and it's getting loads of hype
If you loved The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll love this.
# Kentucky
Actor and playwright Sam Shepard has died aged 73
He recently played the character Robert Rayburn in the Netflix show Bloodline.
# Box Office
'Andy Lee can't be killed!': For director Jay Bulger, CounterPunch saw a remarkable story come full circle
Director and Rolling Stone journalist Jay Bulger wants to create boxing’s own ‘Boyhood’ after the success of his recent Netflix documentary, which featured a cameo from Ireland’s Andy Lee.
'To The Bone does not elevate disordered eating behaviours as something to aspire to'
There is no doubt that the new Netlix film will continue to generate debate, writes Barry Murphy.
# to the bone
Here's the problem with To The Bone, the new Netflix film about eating disorders
It’s not even out yet and people are already complaining.
# nobody speak
Sex, lies and videotape: Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump and freedom of the press
A new documentary delves into the murky world of how the powerful silence the media, with the former wrestler’s sex-tape at the centre of it.
# wooooo
The impressive workouts Alison Brie did to get in shape for her new wrestling show
It is real!
# Baltimore
Netflix's The Keepers highlights harrowing sexual abuse in a 1960s US Catholic school
The documentary investigates the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik in 1969.
# the keepers
Netflix's new true crime doc The Keepers has arrived just in time to binge this weekend
It investigates the case of Sister Cathy Cesnik, who was murdered in Baltimore in 1969.
# glow
You should absolutely get excited for GLOW, Netflix's new comedy about 80s women's wrestling
So much spandex!
# binge
25 shows and movies to treat yourself to on Netflix now that exam season is ending
For when your brain is too exhausted to decide on something to watch.
# telly time
7 TV shows to watch if you're really missing Big Little Lies
It’s OK. We are too :’(
# netflix original
Row with Netflix prompts Cannes film festival to ban streaming-only movies
The Cannes Film Festival said they “asked in vain” for the films to be released in French cinemas, but Netflix refused.
# josie grossie
9 highly enjoyable rom coms you can watch on Netflix right now
The best way to unwind.
# dear white people
Why you need to watch the new Netflix series 'Dear White People' immediately
Your next binge watch.
# Chill
Tell Us Your Mood And We'll Tell You What to Watch on Netflix Tonight
C’mon there’s too much choice.
# netflix original
Hacker leaks stolen Orange is the New Black episodes after ransom demand
“Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC,” the hacker said on Twitter.
# girlboss
Here's why the new Netflix show Girlboss probably isn't as feminist as it wants to be
The series, based on the bestselling memoir of the same name, debuts tomorrow.
# 13 reasons why
13 Reasons Why is the new Netflix show that tackles rape culture - here's why you need to watch it
A teen show with a difference.
# Netflix
10 of the most comforting things to watch on Netflix for hangovers and sick days
Find out which is the best Shrek movie.
# she's so broken insiiiide
8 extremely good reasons to make Crazy Ex Girlfriend your next Netflix pick
West Covinaaaaaaa, Californiaaaaaa!
# the skuxx life
Hunt For The Wilderpeople should absolutely be the next film you watch on Netflix
Ricky Baker!
# 011
Dying for the new Stranger Things? Here's what we know so far
Dododo doDOdodo dooo… (Spoilers for Season One ahoy.)
# v.f.d.
9 things you probably did if you grew up reading A Series of Unfortunate Events
The world is quiet here.
# Prime Time
Netflix has a new rival as Amazon's streaming service launches in Ireland
The service will be available to Irish customers for €2.99 a month for the first six months.
# flashy girl from flushing
The Nanny needs to be added to Netflix right now
She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens….
# Hard Drive
Netflix users can now download films and TV shows
The company says it’s working on getting ‘the bulk’ of its content downloadable.
# portability
New rules will allow you to use Netflix or Spotify unrestricted across the EU
The measures were approved yesterday allowing “cross-border portability” of paid-for online content.
Opinion: 'In a post-Trump world, we need Gilmore Girls more than ever'
Lorelai and Rory are returning to our screens for four 90-minute films on Netflix and it couldn’t be more timely, writes Lorraine Courtney.
# gilmore guys
Which Gilmore Girls Boyfriend Do You Deserve?
Logan? Dean? Luke? Or someone else?..
# get cosy
12 cosy and comforting things to watch on Netflix right now
It’s cold out there, but these will warm you up.
# Netflix
Disgruntled gamer 'used cameras and lightbulbs' to take down Netflix and Twitter
Hacker harnessed 150,000 devices such as cameras, lightbulbs and appliances to overwhelm system.
# the crown
The Crown is the new Netflix drama all Downton Abbey fans need in their lives
Let it fill that historical drama-shaped hole in your life.
# napflix
There's now a special 'Netflix' full of boring videos for people who can't f**king sleep
There’s even a Mass video which should prove extremely effective on Irish people.
# anne of green gables
This Donegal actress has just won the lead role in Netflix's new Anne of Green Gables series
# state actor
FBI investigating cyber attacks that crippled Twitter, Netflix and Amazon last night
“This is not some hacker sitting in his basement typing away on a keyboard.”