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Sorry lads - but there's actually no cure for a hangover
Drinking water before bed does NOTHING. Can you believe it?

STEP AWAY FROM the 3 in 1. We repeat, step away from the 3 in 1. It will not help you now.

A new Dutch study has revealed that there is really no way to avoid a hangover after a night on the sauce.

According to the BBC, researchers asked more than 800 students how they usually tried to beat hangovers - 54% said they ate greasy food after a night of drinking, but admitted that this had little “meaningful” impact on them the next day.

The same applied to people who said they drank water throughout the night, or had a big glass before they went to bed.

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Lead author of the study, Dr Joris Verster from Utrecht University, said:

Drinking water may help against thirst and a dry mouth, but it will not take away the misery, the headache and the nausea.
Research has concluded that [a hangover] is not simply dehydration – we know the immune system is involved, but before we know what causes it, it’s very unlikely we’ll find an effective cure.

The only way to avoid a hangover, he says? Drinking less alcohol.

Cheers for that, Captain Obvious.

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